GABA for Wrinkle Reduction – Is it Effective?

One of the many wishes of every individual is to remove their wrinkles. Everybody wants to have supple and young-looking skin. Although there are several supplements and anti-wrinkle creams already available in the market, they don’t have enough research to support their efficacy. This is why people keep on raving about the effects of GABA cream in reducing wrinkles. However, although GABA supplements have been proven to have effects on insomnia, anti-anxiety and overall mood enhancements, there is no conclusive evidence yet for topical use of GABA for wrinkle reduction. It is in this regard that we should know more about its effectiveness for the skin condition by considering the discussions below.

GABA and Its FunctionsGABA for Wrinkle Reduction

The gamma-aminobutyric acid commonly known as GABA is a non-essential amino acids that is naturally produced in the body which serves as a calming agent. As it is produced in the brain, this amino acid helps in recovery of the cells; this is the reason why there are many weightlifters who take GABA supplements. GABA supplements can also aid in relaxing muscles, healthy sleeping patterns and steady moods. Food sources of GABA are seeds, soy products, nuts, whole grains, whey, seafoods, beans, eggs, brewer’s yeast and other dairy products.

GABA and Its Uses

GABA is known for its calming and growth-enhancing benefits; this is why it is commonly used as a relaxation aid and as an ingredient in body-building formulas. In addition, GABA is also a popular ingredient for anti-wrinkle creams and treatments in such a way that the amino acid inhibits a neurotransmitter and this is converted into topical use which preserves the integrity of elastin and collagen to prevent and counteract sagging of the skin.

GABA and Its Benefits

GABA is considered to be effective and is a natural aid in some conditions like insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms and epileptic seizures. This substance hinders rapid nerve cell activity, calming fully loaded nervous system and in maintaining internal balance. GABA aids in the secretion of the human growth (HGH) and in the development of lean muscle.

GABA Anti-Wrinkle Creams

The anti-wrinkle cream made out of GABA is on the go but again there are no researches enough to support its efficacy. However, naturopaths and skin care specialists disagree with such claims. The different anti-wrinkle creams which contain GABA are available at holistic stores, high-end skin care boutiques and even online. To name some of the most popular creams are Derma Doctor Immobile Lines, GABA Derm and Ramy Freeze. The Oil of Olay and L’Oreal make some creams also.

Although GABA is used in several anti wrinkle creams, it is not considered to be that effective in topical wrinkle reduction. The effect of GABA supplements internally which aid in lean muscle mass, good sleeping attitude and the fact that it reduces anxiety and stress causes a healthy body and this slows aging and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. Since GABA is being produced in the body naturally, it is also safe to use as a dietary and alternative medicine supplement. Some of the side effects of GABA application or ingestion are shortness of breath, mild tingling sensations felt in the skin and drowsiness. People who have kidney and liver diseases should consult their doctor first before taking GABA supplementation.

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